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awaken your inner healer.

holistic wellness services at the palace



Energy lives within us and all around us. While it cannot be created or destroyed, it can be channeled, redirected or restored. Discover a method of healing that goes beyond the the physical form…

Reiki has been around for almost a century and can be experienced to supercharge your wellness, helping prevent physical and emotional issues before they take hold. A simple method for all, Reiki works alongside other medical or therapeutic techniques to relieve side effects and promote recovery.


Mindful, compassionate support is one of the most important pillars of the healing process. Your mind is a deeply complex, mystical organ… why not treat it as such?

We’re honored to host the incredible women of White Rock Couseling & Everyday Therapy Podcast in our East Dallas Palace. Outside of their private + group counseling services and offerings, these gifted therapists host psychotherapeutic yoga classes for all in our light-loving space every Tuesday and Wednesday at noon.




Your body is a sacred vehicle of healing. Honor it. Nourish it. Give it space to heal.

Discover a place for relaxation, connection and peace of mind. Thai Massage utilizes sacred elements from ancient healing methods to help you unwind and realign. Through a unique and intentional combination of stretching, pulling, rocking and compression, your therapist will help you melt into a place of pure release.