Transitioning Well

Here I am, writing this post at the very time I hoped it would be finished. The transition from late Summer to Fall is upon us and I am, like you, trying my best to adjust. Texas is still very hot, but we know Autumn is on her way. At times, we get respite from rain — mornings tease us with cooler temperatures, the days shorten, and sunsets linger with yellow and orange hues. Autumn: she is coming, and I am waiting with open arms.

My night stand is full of books I’m devouring bit by bit. This time of year brings out the Hygge in me, 102 degrees or not. I’m currently reading “Staying Healthy With the Seasons” by Elson M. Hass, M. D. To quote from the summery of Seasonal Transitions, “this time of year is associated with the Earth element, which represents the sable center of our existence, fertile and focused on form and manifestation”. I find myself instinctively craving just this; a focus on form and manifestation. For me, it begins at the root with my spiritual practice, contemplative practice, physical practices of movement and self care, filling up my cup, taking time to sharpen my vocational tools to become a more voluminous instructor of healing art. The transitional time brings me back home to myself, reminds me why I do what I do, and cultivates something new to carry me through Fall and Winter.

Maybe you are feeling this way, maybe you wish you could just feel something? My prescription is the same for you. Find a day to dedicate to yourself. One, just start there. Wake, hydrate, tongue scrape, meditate, move. It can be all of 15 -20 minutes, and you deserve every bit of that sacred time. Next, nourish. Good food doesn’t have to be fancy, expensive, or hard to prepare. This recipe has Fall written all over it, perfect for vegetarians, and even omnivore approved. My family loves it! Then, find a way to invest back into you, to ignite your pilot light of inspiration. At Super Yoga Palace this September we have many ways for you to re-inspire your center. September 6th, learn how to heal yourself and others with Reiki, a Japanese energy medicine technique, September 7th, join our Fall Yoga School, go deeper, gain new skills, find your why; we’ve added new Parent + Child classes to the schedule, and our SYP Herbal Academy offerings will help you have your holistic home prepared for Fall.

Maybe you need a change of scenery, us too! September 20th, pack your bags for a weekend of nature and nurture, we are hitting the road and headed to Possum Kingdom Lake, join the SYP FAM for our Road Trip Retreat.

See, there are lots of options my friends! Commit to one. When you do, you’re committing to you.

You’ve got this. SYP’s got you. We’ve got each other!

Transition well, love the life you choose.


For Tiffany

Super Yoga Palace has always embraced many modalities as a path towards healing. However, by me not making my position vocal on a public forum, I have hurt some that have experienced deep trauma in their own lives and in turn I have been perceived by them to not support victims of abuse. I just read and re read an email from a former student that shook me to my core, and this is why I can not sleep.

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Regardless of what is happening in my life, something about the fall grounds me down and forces me to look inward – observing my own thought patterns, habits, and boundaries. the pattern that usually becomes the most apparent to me is the giving-receiving deficit. like many people in today’s world, i realize that I have been giving a whole lot more than I have been receiving. we live in a world where “busyness” has become glorified.

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October is the perfect time to cultivate groundedness in our bodies, minds, spiritual practices, and life. In Ayurveda, we are transitioning into the vata season in late September — early October. the most simple idea is what grounds Vata best: routine. such a simple idea, and yet it can be a challenge to cultivate a steady consistent routine. My advice is this: create your ideal morning and evening routines. For example, here is my ideal morning routine:

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