October is the perfect time to cultivate groundedness in our bodies, minds, spiritual practices, and life. in ayurveda, we are transitioning into the vata season in late September — early October. the most simple idea is what grounds Vata best: routine. such a simple idea, and yet it can be a challenge to cultivate a steady consistent routine. My advice is this: create your ideal morning and evening routines. for example, here is my ideal morning routine:

  • wake with or before the sun

  • put on the kettle

  • tongue scrape

  • oil pull with coconut or sesame oil + essential oils of mint, neem, cardamom and fennel

  • floss

  • brush teeth

  • splash cool water on my face

  • neti pot + nasya oil

  • pour a mug of warm water + a squeeze of lemon juice

  • dry brush

  • abhyanga (this is so unique to each person, please reach out if you are interested!)

  • shower + dress

  • warm breakfast

When i get to practice all of these sadhanas, it takes me a good hour or more before i get to breakfast. I feel amazing! but sometimes, i’m not going to wake up an hour earlier to do all of these things, because based on whatever is going on in life, for that particular day, I might need 30 extras minutes of sleep or have an early morning commitment that doesn't allow time for that full routine. I might bypass neti or dry brushing because of how my body feels and what it needs that day. When i first started practicing ayurveda, the routine didn't look like this. I started with tongue scraping, and kept the rest of whatever my routine was back then. After tongue scraping became a habit, then i added in the next sadhana. So, i encourage you to cultivate grounding in October - create a routine and dedicate to yourself to it. Want to amplify your routine by integrating ayurvedic principles specific to you? Holla at your girl.

— Guest post by Sarah Rene Valentine Lee. Sarah is a certified Ayurvedic diet + lifestyle counselor & teaches Ashtanga at SYP