gift cards and shareable class packs, a creative gift to bless friends, family and co workers, available in 5, 10 and 20

Moon Jar Square.png

For the Mystic

Moon Jar


Give the gift of mystery. Prepped for the next full moon, a reiki charged crystal makes it’s home in the bed of a clear mason jar complete with white metal cap. This gift is moon water ready.

Purchase in studio.


For the Yoga Student

Yoga Workshop Tuition

70 /60 Members/50 VIP

Give the gift of knowledge. Purchase a single training for the beloved yoga student in your life. Choose from Nadis, Chakras, & Pranayama; Mudras & Meditation; Anatomy & Adjustments; Everyday Ayurveda.


For the Healer

Training Bundles

200/160 Members/140 VIP

Give the gift of nurture. Pick one of three training bundles this holiday season for the yoga teacher, healer, practitioner or inquirer you love. These trainings refresh and enlighten.

Breath: Nadis, Chakras, & Pranayama; Mudras & Meditation; Anatomy & Adjustments

Drishti: Mudras & Meditation; Anatomy & Adjustments; Everyday Ayurveda 

Bandha: Nadis, Chakras, & Pranayama; Mudras & Meditation; Everyday Ayurveda 

Continuing Education: (for yoga teachers only):

Pick any 3 (10% off)

Moon Talks 2.png

For the Moon Lover

Moon Talk Pass


Give the gift of enrichment. Bookending the month with sessions of intention and reflection cultivate transformation. Buy the moon lover in your life a year pass of Moon Talks for the price of 11.


For the Home Practitioner

Home Practice Kit


Blanket, block, and strap tied in with twine and a Palo Santo bow.

Purchase in studio.