How To Rise & Shine - Sarah Lee

This original post was written by SYP instructor Sarah Adams Lee for the members of Super Yoga Palace on the eve of their first Mysore morning practice - 5:30 AM

"ay homies, some of you know that when i'm not at the palace, i'm an assistant to an ayurvedic practitioner. i've learned that morning and evening routines are incredibly supportive of your entire wellbeing, especially when you decide to dedicate yourself to ashtanga. jessica encouraged me to share those dinacharyas (sanskrit: self care practices) with you... please, please always feel comfortable to come to me with even the tiniest of questions about these...


think about turning down with the sun. limit screen time and bright ceiling lights. spend quality time with your fam or yourself.

release the day by writing a journal entry (think bullet points, not a novel), bathe, shower meditation, take a walk - look up and out, focus on the trees and the sky - these are just ideas. pick one and start there.

nutmeg is supportive of restful sleep, mixing a quarter teaspoon of powdered nutmeg or a drop of nutmeg essential oil (i only ingest young living) with warmed milk of your choice.

try to be in bed by 9:30, and asleep by 10. i mean, if you're waking up at 5, that's probably a given 


 if it's a moon day, rise with the sun. if you're coming to mysore, you'll be waking up during the most peaceful and energetically balanced time of day.

 scrape your tongue, if you don't have a tongue scraper and want one let me know! don't use your toothbrush! you'll be depositing all the ama (sanskrit: toxins) from your tongue back into your gums 

drink 6-8oz of very warm water with a squeeze of lemon juice or a drop of lemon essential oil.

i challenge you not to check email or social media until after your practice (if you're practicing mysore or 6am yoga class). take care of yourself, and then take on the world (you'll be a much more effective superhero)

once you've mastered these, i've got more for you, there are so many beautiful ways to care for yourself - spiritually, emotionally, physically ... they're all connected"