How Training To Be A Yoga Instructor Can Change Your Life - Nicole Allen

Ten weeks might seem like a big commitment this Fall. But really, it is merely a blip on the radar of time that can leave you as a different version of yourself. You will still be "you" at the end...but humbled, compassionate, balanced... and - I'll say it - better.


Now, one of the ideas of yoga is that of non-labeling. Nothing is good, nothing is bad, it just IS. Once this is realized, there comes acceptance in the form of letting expectations and attachments float away. So one might ask, what brings such conviction as to say that yoga teacher training will make one "better"?


I am a nicer person than I was before I found yoga. It certainly didn't happen overnight, but yoga is a practice and hence, a process. People get certified to teach yoga for many reasons, but all teachers who are truly practicing and teaching yoga share and know one thing: yoga is about finding peace, light and happiness. As an instructor, you learn to be intrinsically resourceful at how you can best communicate that to others. Through breathing and mindfulness, you can change the way you view and experience life - for the better. There's that word again.


This Fall, you will no doubt get a deep dive of how to do and teach the physical postures in a technically correct and safe way. There will be discussions on the proper way to breathe, and how to understand what muscles are working as you move through a class. Confidence will rise as you begin vocally communicating a well-thought out sequence of poses. You will learn about cakras, yamas, niyamas, and introduce Sanskrit to your language set. But what you will also get, is an understanding of how to bring yoga to more people in this world, regardless of physical ability. Your every day life will become more fulfilling as you see how learning the concepts of yoga begin to transform how you handle every day. The emotions, stresses, challenges, celebrations, and excitement of life all experienced with the same light-ness. And once this starts to happen [starting on day one of training] you are then an instrument of peace through community...instilling yoga, and reaching the people whose soul you speak to, simply because of the wonderful person that YOU are.


Join us on Saturday to hear more. I promise you'll be better for it.

Jessica Jordan