Me Too

In 2009 I opened Super Yoga Palace with a heart full of ideals, a soul full of shine and a mission that read, "Empowered by Love." SYP has always been the place where everybody knows your name, the place where memories are made, the music is fresh, the yoga is true the conversations are too. Part of these true conversations includes acknowledging a movement that is giving a voice to those who haven't in the past been heard in the yoga world, "Me Too."

Hurt and abuse happen. This sucks. We see you, We hear you and you have a safe place at SYP. We will always ask your permission to adjust or assist and are 100% ok if you decline. Personal space is a sacred thing. SYP has never glorified any one teacher but embrace multiple modalities as a path towards healing. 

There are a lot of survivors out there and I am so very sorry for your pain. I believe that some of the most beautiful things in the world are those that have been shattered, torn and put back together again. I believe in beauty from ashes. I believe as a community we can embrace the gift of yoga, sort the wheat from the chaff and take the power back. We are stronger together. 

Peace & Love



Jessica JordanMeToo