David Bowie, Chicken Fried Steak + Teacher Training

I remember when I took the plunge and decided to get my yoga teacher training certification in 2009. I had been waiting tables because my family needed the extra income after a lengthy run of regular touring with The Polyphonic Spree had come to a halt. It was a very humbling time. One minute I'm with the band opening for David Bowie or singing at the Nobel Peace Prize in Norway and the next I'm serving chicken fried steak to the Deep Ellum lunch rush. I felt so lost, 30 something years old, two children to raise and zero safety net of any kind. I knew I needed to change directions for my future and my soul. I had no idea that my decision to become a yoga instructor would evolve into cultivating the community we know as Super Yoga Palace. As I prepare to greet those attending teacher training open house this Saturday I can't help but imagine where some of our future teachers crossroads lay and what magic may evolve from their decision to embrace a new adventure. 

Love the Life You Choose,

Jessica Jordan