New Year, Same You... Just Elevated

Hello, 2019… we’ve be anxiously awaiting your arrival. Ready to manifest some magic?

I’m always drawn to the feeling of mystery that the New Year brings. An entire 365 days are behind us, and another 365 are on the horizon. Most people spend the first few days of the new year deciding what they want their lives to look like in the future. More often than not, we get caught up in making these broad, sweeping resolutions such as, “I want to lose weight, I want to get promoted, I want to learn a new language, etc.” While these are positive resolutions and great goals to set, they are missing the big picture. We get so caught up in a state of “becoming” that we become blind to the everyday magic happening right in front of us in the present moment. We end up tearing ourselves down when our own expectations are not met. We compare our resolutions to others and ask, “should I be doing more? Should I be further along in life?”

The way I see it, we are always in a state of “becoming” and it is the best place to be. I don’t know about you, but I never want to have it “all figured out...” Where’s the fun in that?! How boring would life be if all of the mystery was taken away?

“Becoming” is fluid. It is movement. Ever evolving. Never stuck.

Instead of picking out a single end-goal or outcome for your New Year’s Resolution, try asking yourself one very simple question… “How do I want to FEEL?” Your heart and intuition already know the answer, you just have to listen.

This New Year, may you find peace within the tension. May you find comfort in knowing that you are never alone on your path to healing. May you find the strength and courage to fight for the life you have always dreamed of. 

Most importantly… may you always put your yourself first. You are SO worthy and deserving of the love and light that you seek.

On behalf of everyone at Super Yoga Palace, THANK YOU for sharing space with us throughout this incredible, transformative, comfort-zone-shattering year. We can’t wait to see what 2019 holds.

All my love and gratitude,



mama earth snaps her fingers and just like that, fall dances its way in. the weather gets colder, drinks get hotter, and our loved ones come closer. growing up, my mom made a big deal about the fall. she always said it was a time where humankind could truly appreciate and admire the meaning of unconventional beauty – dying trees, lumpy & misshapen pumpkins, etc. that sentiment has always deeply resonated with me. i find myself always being drawn to the “unconventional,” as it forces people to look at things through different lenses. a shift in season brings a shift in perspective.

regardless of what is happening in my life, something about the fall grounds me down and forces me to look inward – observing my own thought patterns, habits, and boundaries. the pattern that usually becomes the most apparent to me is the giving-receiving deficit. like many people in today’s world, i realize that I have been giving a whole lot more than I have been receiving. we live in a world where “busyness” has become glorified. you may see a friend that you haven’t seen in a while and ask, “how have you been?” more often than not, their reply will be, “busy!” as we start to move into gift giving season that “busyness” grows into a more dominant energy in our lives.

don’t get me wrong, giving feels SO good. being able to give your loved ones exactly what they want/need, and watching the smile plaster across their face, is pure medicine for the soul. however, sometimes we forget that the only thing our loved ones TRULY want and need, is our presence. we spend so much time trying to find the perfect gift to give while trying to balance every other aspect of our daily lives, we end up running ourselves into the ground. now is the time to ask yourself, “what have I given myself lately? have I allowed myself to be on the receiving end?”

when you are able to give to yourself, first and foremost, you can give to others without exhausting yourself. You can receive from others without feeling guilty or selfish. when you let love and light in, love and light radiate outward.

here’s a challenge for this season: take the unconventional route with your gift giving. Instead of racing in traffic to the mall, or scrolling though endless online boutiques, give a gift with soul – something small that you crafted yourself. You don’t have to be an artist or even have a creative bone in your body to curate a gift that is from the heart. If you’re looking for inspiration, you can meet me at the Palace on November 7th, and we can craft something together at my gift giving workshop.

better yet, why don’t you give the gift of your presence? often times the unconventional can be the most beautiful... In a world where everything moving so fast, it is such a blessing to simply spend time with the people that love you the most.

happy giving + receiving season, SYP fam!

***Leigha is the SYP Social Media Manager and also teaches a “Mindful Movement + Meditation” and a “Vinyasa” class at SYP


october is the perfect time to cultivate groundedness in our bodies, minds, spiritual practices, and life. in ayurveda, we are transitioning into the vata season in late september — early october. the most simple idea is what grounds vata best: routine. such a simple idea, and yet it can be a challenge to cultivate a steady consistent routine. my advice is this: create your ideal morning and evening routines. for example, here is my ideal morning routine:

  • wake with or before the sun

  • put on the kettle

  • tongue scrape

  • oil pull with coconut or sesame oil + essential oils of mint, neem, cardamom and fennel

  • floss

  • brush teeth

  • splash cool water on my face

  • neti pot + nasya oil

  • pour a mug of warm water + a squeeze of lemon juice

  • dry brush

  • abhyanga (this is so unique to each person, please reach out if you are interested!)

  • shower + dress

  • warm breakfast

when i get to practice all of these sadhanas, it takes me a good hour or more before i get to breakfast. i feel amazing! but sometimes, i’m not going to wake up an hour earlier to do all of these things, because based on whatever is going on in life, for that particular day, i might need 30 extras minutes of sleep or have an early morning commitment that doesn't allow time for that full routine. i might bypass neti or dry brushing because of how my body feels and what it needs that day. when i first started practicing ayurveda, the routine didn't look like this. i started with tongue scraping, and kept the rest of whatever my routine was back then. after tongue scraping became a habit, then i added in the next sadhana. so, i encourage you to cultivate grounding in october - create a routine and dedicate to yourself to it. want to amplify your routine by integrating ayurvedic principles specific to you? holla at your girl.

— guest post by sarah rene valentine lee. sarah is a certified ayurvedic diet + lifestyle counselor & teaches ashtanga at syp


what makes you feel good. what brings you peace? 

who are you at your core?

last year i went through “the desire map”, discovering my own core desired feelings to help me answer why I do what I do, is it what I want to be doing, do i need to be doing it, and how do I feel about these choices?

the desire map experience really helped me get clear on what I want most, which helped change this past year of my life, helping me to break through fear and take new risks- from expanding the experience at super yoga palace to investing in my own training (and ultimately myself.)

every conscious choice has been measured against peace first and foremost- embodiment and prosperity. note that i said conscious. "the desire map" has given me tools to be more conscious, and upon moving with consciousness, i'm able to make decisions that feel good in body, mind and spirit.

now don't get me wrong, i still make less conscious decisions from time to time, like eating diary when i know darn good and well what it will do to my emotions, stomach, and complexion. or, saying yes to "all the things" because I want to be part of "all the things," overcommitting for fear of letting someone down and under delivering because i am now a maxed out human who is additionally carrying a heavy load of guilt..and all because i didn't measure my yes against my core desire to feel peace.


but these days there is less .ugh. more peace. and i have "the desire map" to thank.

something that is not definitely not . ugh . and more . yay. is that i'll be traveling to nyc with some of the super yoga palace soul sisters this labor day weekend to study with abbie galvin, an influential teacher of the katonah yoga practice. after listening to an interview with her on luke storey's lifestylist podcast, i'm even more inspired. 

and one more thing.. i've heard the studio has some serious vibes, including the fact it used to be keith richard's loft, so there is that!


if you want to "desire map" for yourself, i've been facilitating this life changing work locally with plans to expand virtually in 2019.

join me for " new moon + the desire map": an intro on october 8th. 

ready to go all the way? the wild heart: desire map new year weekend retreat is now enrolling.

follow @jessicamariejordan on ig for a behind the scenes glimpse of her upcoming adventure, along with teaching schedule, workshops and trainings.