what makes you feel good. what brings you peace? 

who are you at your core?

last year i went through “the desire map”, discovering my own core desired feelings to help me answer why I do what I do, is it what I want to be doing, do i need to be doing it, and how do I feel about these choices?

the desire map experience really helped me get clear on what I want most, which helped change this past year of my life, helping me to break through fear and take new risks- from expanding the experience at super yoga palace to investing in my own training (and ultimately myself.)

every conscious choice has been measured against peace first and foremost- embodiment and prosperity. note that i said conscious. "the desire map" has given me tools to be more conscious, and upon moving with consciousness, i'm able to make decisions that feel good in body, mind and spirit.

now don't get me wrong, i still make less conscious decisions from time to time, like eating diary when i know darn good and well what it will do to my emotions, stomach, and complexion. or, saying yes to "all the things" because I want to be part of "all the things," overcommitting for fear of letting someone down and under delivering because i am now a maxed out human who is additionally carrying a heavy load of guilt..and all because i didn't measure my yes against my core desire to feel peace.


but these days there is less .ugh. more peace. and i have "the desire map" to thank.

something that is not definitely not . ugh . and more . yay. is that i'll be traveling to nyc with some of the super yoga palace soul sisters this labor day weekend to study with abbie galvin, an influential teacher of the katonah yoga practice. after listening to an interview with her on luke storey's lifestylist podcast, i'm even more inspired. 

and one more thing.. i've heard the studio has some serious vibes, including the fact it used to be keith richard's loft, so there is that!


if you want to "desire map" for yourself, i've been facilitating this life changing work locally with plans to expand virtually in 2019.

join me for " new moon + the desire map": an intro on october 8th. 

ready to go all the way? the wild heart: desire map new year weekend retreat is now enrolling.

follow @jessicamariejordan on ig for a behind the scenes glimpse of her upcoming adventure, along with teaching schedule, workshops and trainings.