thai massage

honoring ancient healing traditions.

SYP Soul Sister, Kristen Goss, is certified in both general Thai massage and Advanced Medical Thai massage.
Kristen received her training at the Wat Po Temple located in Bangkok, Thailand, where the traditional practice originated.

why thai?

thai Massage utilizes sacred elements from ancient healing methods to help you unwind and realign. through a unique and intentional combination of stretching, pulling, rocking and compression, your therapist will help you melt into a place of pure release.

reduces muscle tension & spasms

mobilizes the joints

improves blood circulation

balances and increases energy


aids with ailments through blood circulation and gentle movement

menu of offerings

relax + energize

General Traditional Thai Massage

A deep and fully clothed floor massage incorporating passive stretches, compressions and work on the Thai energy lines (Sen). The slow movements allow your mind and spirit to slow down and realize a true form of relaxation.

 90 Minutes* | $175

60 Minutes | $150

*recommended time as traditionally taught and used within the lineage of the practice. 

traditional thai combination massage

Similar to the general traditional style with the addition and combination of specific focus to body ailments through specific extra pressure point work. Ailments can range from anxiety, stress, headaches, stiff neck, shoulder pain, to hip pain and more. 

Ailment add on price is dependent on specific extra time required for ailment attention.

15 Minutes | $25

 25 Minutes | $30


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