There’s a 10 minute song by Tim Delaughter of The Polyphonic Spree -

Section 19 (When the Fool Becomes a King)

It was regularly performed at the end of our shows from from 2002 - 2013 ish. As our energetic set would draw to a close, I knew we had at least another 30 minutes more because of this epic outro.

Love the life you choose. Keep yourself feeling brand new. And love your strife with life. Everyone wants to know why. And love your strife with youth. Keep yourself feeling brand new. And love your strife with God.

Yeah, everyone wants to know love... Love, love, love...

At the 4 minute mark, a contemplative feeling emerges, the piano, the french horn and these lyrics..

Still a man. It seems the time has gone away, But all at once you knew your mission well. You're civilized, it seems soon to paralyze. The thought became the mission of your life. The best place is to find your own. The coolest is to find your way. The best place is to find your home in time, Till when the fool becomes a king.

The choir echos “find your own, find your way, find your home” and Tim sings alone. “Till when the fool becomes a king.” Next, the whole band freezes during an orchestrated sustain, while Tim conducts the audience to vocalize in the ambience. It’s mysterious, magical, magnificent, with space and time to contemplate, and I would. Those few moments felt like forever, in the very best way.

When we stopped touring regularly in 2008, I was forced to take a look at my life and dream up what was next. I’d been part of what some called impossible: The Polyphonic Spree — a 20+ member choral symphonic pop band that had toured the globe successfully. For this reason, I knew that just about everything was, indeed, possible.

In 2009 Super Yoga Palace was born of inspiration and necessity. We’ve grown and grown up, dreamed and dreamed bigger; ever evolving, always facilitating a space to cultivate a great big belief in everyone who walks through our doors and comes to the mat.

“Love The Life You Choose” became more than a melody I’d sing. It became my mantra, a golden thread that was woven into every decision I’d ever make after. “Love the life you choose, keep yourself feeling brand new,” is the heartbeat of SYP. My dream is that when you find us, we help you: find your own, find your way, find your home, and Love the Life You Choose.


Jessica Jordan


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