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Updated: Mar 19

The early morning has gold in its mouth. ~Benjamin Franklin

I was 19 years old when I first really experienced the magic of early mornings. The house was still and quiet, I could hear my thoughts clearly and really feel my emotions. After my morning coffee kicked in, a caffeinated conduit of inspiration took over my mindset, energizing my day with hope and possibility.

This all happened well before 8 AM. 🌞

My mornings from that time on have been sacred. It's as if there is this realm between time and space waiting for me to enter and receive a download from the divine. It’s a practice I would recommend, if you’re willing to give it a try. Now, I know the practice of rising before the sunrise many not seem other-worldly to you yet, so I've compiled a few resources so that you can experiment with what works best for you.

Did you know that according to Fast Company (an entrepreneurial magazine I adore) less than 1% of the population are actually genetically programmed to be night owls?!

Whether we feel it in our body, mind, or spirit, the subtle ways we ritualize our day-to-day matter so much. When I fall off the path of my personal rituals, things become unglued. I get too much into my head, and my emotions become a roller coaster ride — and not the fun kind.I don't overcomplicate my mornings, otherwise it feels like a "have to" rather than a "get to."My early mornings consist of oils, prayer, water, coffee, movement & then getting dressed for the day. It’s true that dressing, for me, is usually yoga pants and a sweatshirt. But I do my best to have my hair fixed with mascara and lip gloss on. When I feel better, I do better.

What are some simple ways you ritualize your rising? Please leave a comment for our #SYPFAMILY

Now here’s an article I want to leave with you, it just may inspire some new sunrise habits.

8 Things Happy & Healthy People Do Every Morning

A healthy mindset is absolutely essential when pursuing anything next level in life. Creating your own simple rituals to stimulate mind & body will change your twenty twenty and beyond.

Love the Life You Choose,



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