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Sow In The Name Of God

Updated: Feb 17

Several years ago, I watched a thought-provoking episode of the British series Tudor Monastery Farm that changed how I think about my relationship with the natural world.

Tudor Monastery Farm features a team of archeologists who turns the clock back to the year 1500 to take on the role of the lay-folk who did the bulk of the farming and crafting within monastic lands. From sheep farming and harvesting to fashioning a printing press and building a Tudor clock, the presenters are put through their paces to give viewers a real-life account of what life would have been like in 1500, during the reign of the first Tudor King, Henry VII.

In episode 1, at the 25-minute mark, before working the field, the historians are consulting Anthony Fitzherbert's Boke of Husbandry, a wise, poetic, and pious English agriculture classic.

How will you know the seasonable time to go upon the land that is plowed? If it sings or cry or makes any noise under thy feet, it is too wet to sow, and if it makes no noise and will bear the horses, then sow in the name of God.

This 60-second snapshot of a day in the life of a farmer 500 years ago made me realize how much life I've lived on top of nature instead of harmonizing with mother nature herself. From this episode forward, I became more aware of the seasonal cycle and my relationships within it all. This, in part, is why Super Yoga Palace hosts lunar gatherings on the new and full moon, to cultivate a more mindful community, to live more synergistically even in the city with nature and each other.

Our first New Moon Nidra of 2021 will occur on Thursday, February 11th, at Super Yoga Palace and online.

The new moon is strongly associated with gardening by the moon. According to this age-old practice, the Old Farmers Almanac says that one should plant vegetables that bear crops above ground during the light, or waxing, of the Moon: from the day the Moon is new to the day, it is full.

We may not be a traditional farmer or have a physical garden to tend. However, we can still bookend our month by utilizing this natural time for growth to tend the garden our own souls, planting seeds of intention, reflection, articulation, vision, action, and insight.

To join in person, click here. To join online, click here.





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