Tie a Knot & Hang On

My father in law, a Church of God pastor, has a sermon called "Who Reassures the Reassurer?". I've never actually heard this sermon, I've only heard of it through my husband. We've been together nearly two decades, through Y2K, 9-11, and the financial crisis of 2008. At some point in the midst or aftermath of these previous disasters, Josh would recall his dad's sermon from his youth. I've never experienced anything quite like this pandemic in my adult life. I'd like to hear that sermon myself about now.

I'm not sure how this story unfolds for any of us, but I do know that we'll get through this in the same way we got through tough times before. Yes, things will look different, there is no doubt about it. But we can do this! I have a painted wooden plaque that reads: "when you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on".

I'm tying my knot. If you need a hand, I'll help you tie yours too.

Love, Jessica

Hanging on is hard, and I know you need to rest. Join me this Friday at 4 PM for a virtual 60 min. restorative yoga & distance reiki class. You can register right here on the website.



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