You Are My Sunshine When Skies Are Grey

My dearest SYP FAMILY

I'm writing to you from my kitchen with a bit of hope in my heart. We've had a lot of heavy news, grey skies and rainy days of late.. but as I type, the sun is out, the weather warmer, and bringing so much solace to my soul.

As the sun rays warm me, my imagination immediately goes to my favorite childhood musical, Annie. If you could be a fly on my wall right now, you may hear me burst into my own mixed up rendition of Tomorrow, The Hard - Knock Life, with a mash up of The Brady Bunch, Sunshine Day. This is definitely black mail material, lol! Actually, this is just part of the way I cope, as is prayer, connecting to my community ( each of you ) and my daily yoga practice.

I want you to know that Super Yoga Palace is here for you. There are many feels happening right now, we want to connect with you and support you the best we can.

Need a daily dose of positivity and real time community? Anyone can join the SYPEOPLE group on Facebook. Well, anyone but turds.. no turds allowed.

Need to punctuate your day as you shelter in place? Join our yoga teachers on the Super Yoga Palace Instagram for a live practice at 11 AM & 6PM daily.

Need to practice at a time that fits your schedule? Join us right here, on the website, for #SYPTV. We have new videos and live streams weekly, including a New Moon Sound Bath with my band mate Nick Earl of The Polyphonic Spree, and today's upload, an Ashtanga Vinyasa 1/2 Led practice with Cassie Summers.

These videos are real time, no edits when we fall out of a pose or stumble over our words. There's absolutely no reason to feel intimidated by perfection, I know we're not. Come breathe with us.

Peace & Love



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