Or.. welcome back to Super Yoga Palace. Let's get through the nitty gritty so we get back to our mat! Here are a few policy updates during these wild and crazy times. 




All students are required to register for classes on the Mindbody Online app before attending. Considering our classes will be restricted to ten (10) students, we are no longer able to accommodate any last minute drop-ins. Please don't make us make you go home. That's a bad feeling for both of us. 


With masks currently being mandatory indoors, we ask that you please wear a mask when entering the studio and continue to wear it until you're on your mat. Current guidelines state that you may remove your mask if it interferes with your activity, we'll leave this decision up to the individual. We have found that the disposable masks are the easiest to breath in when practicing. 


Please bring your own mat. We highly encourage you to purchase your own props. We space out. There will be marks on the floor where you can place your mat. 


Both students and instructors are now required to wear a protective mask if they are not actively practicing in the classroom. Teachers will remain at the front for the duration of class and will no longer circuit around the room. Teachers will be restricted from offering physical adjustments or any other kind of contact with students.


We ask that students arrive no earlier than ten minutes before a class is scheduled to begin. This ensures that students from any preceding class have an adequate amount of time to gather any belongings and exit, so as to minimize the overall number of people in the studio.


While we have always maintained a clean studio environment, additional measures will be adopted, including sanitizing all high contact surfaces often. Hand sanitizer will be made available for personal use.


If you aren't feeling well, or even if you are feeling well but have a cough, please act responsibly by staying home. Any coughing or sneezing in class right now will certainly create anxiety among some students.


If for any reason you feel anxious or uncomfortable during class, don't hesitate to exit immediately without permission or prior notification. Super Yoga Palace has always been and remains an accepting environment reserved for personal growth, not personal judgment. We want you to feel comfortable practicing yoga in our space. While there are countless studies measuring a decrease in anxiety and stress with a consistent yoga practice, we are still all human and this current predicament certainly hasn't helped. If you need to leave, no worries. Quietly step out and we'll see you next time.

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